PRESS RELEASE: Making Waves – Regan Supply AND Testing SERVICES Joins Stiles Co

Regan Supply and Testing Services and Stiles Company Team

Norwood, MA – August 23, 2021 – Stiles Co is pleased to announce the partnership and acquisition of Regan Supply & Testing, New England’s premier source meter and large meter testing company. Dave Regan founded Regan Supply & Testing in 1989 and built it alongside his daughter Jeanne (Regan) Sullivan and her husband Joe. Jeanne and Joe have had a big impact on the water industry in New England, working with municipalities, public water systems, and private industry to provide accurate water meter testing protocols and being the go to experts that industry professionals turn to for advice and consultation on all things related to water meters.

Stiles Co was acquired by Katie and Ian Kasowitz in July of 2020 and is a leading distributor of water meters, metering systems and waterworks products in New England, based out of Norwood, MA.

Regan Supply & Testing will function as a division of Stiles Co under Joe Sullivan. Joe will continue to service the territory and Regan Supply & Testing will continue to service meters from all manufacturers.

“Like Regan Supply & Testing Service, Stiles Co is a woman owned family business with strong values. Each of our teams share a focus on, and reputation of, unparalleled reliability, quality, and care for doing things the right way and treating customers right. From our first conversation with Katie and Ian, we knew that Stiles Co was the right fit to carry on what we built with my dad. Joe isn’t ready to get out of the water business yet, but we also knew that we had lots of customers relying on Regan to do their source meter testing and we can sleep better at night knowing that our customers will continue to be able to receive from Regan the same quality of service that we’ve always provided,” Jeanne said.

“Ian and I are excited about the new Regan Supply & Testing division of Stiles Co.”, offered Katie. “Joe is the authority in his field and is a remarkable addition to our team. We are eager to learn everything he knows about meter testing. This is a meaningful moment of growth for our company, and, more importantly, the customers who will benefit from these market-leading services. We’re grateful for the partnership with Jeanne and Joe and humbled to help them build upon the track record of trust and reliability that they’ve established.”

According to Joe, “connecting our company to Stiles Company just made sense. Ian and I have a great working relationship and I’m so happy to see him and his family continue what my father-in-law started over 30 years ago. More importantly, I’m excited to stay out there in the field and leverage my experience to a sustainable platform that will benefit our customers for the long term”.

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